Fully-Automated AMD Screening

Need for AMD Screening

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the single largest cause for legal blindness among senior Americans. Non-neovascular or dry (atrophic) AMD is the primary form of AMD contributing to 85% of the AMD cases and may be asymptomatic or result in a gradual vision loss. The largest and most impactful dry AMD studies - Age-Related Eye Disease study (AREDS) and Age-Related Eye Disease study 2 (AREDS2) - have shown that vitamin supplements along with minerals and antioxidants slow progression of the disease in patients with intermediate AMD, and those with late AMD in one eye. But without a straightforward, reliable way to screen for these vulnerable patients, early detection and treatment will remain a problem.

What is EyeSeeAMD™?

EyeSeeAMD™ is designed to be a fully automated retinal imaging analysis technology to identify AMD, the number-one cause of legal blindness in seniors. EyeSeeAMD will fully automate the screening, grading and reporting process, without need for a human grader and with high sensitivity and specificity. This will enable a primary eye care provider or optometrist to screen for AMD, which is possible today only in a specialist’s office, offering the potential to identify and treat far more patients than is possible today.

The EyeSeeAMD technology is based on the novel identification and quantification of drusen – deposits under the retina that are indicators of AMD – viewable in color fundus images and analyzed by the proprietary imaging software.

icon Technology behind EyeSeeAMD™

Our image analysis algorithms represent cutting-edge of research in image processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Technological innovations like morphology-inspired filter bank descriptors can automatically analyze fundus images to detect and localize lesions resulting from AMD.

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** This device is covered by one or more of the following US patents and their foreign counterparts: 8879813, 8885901, 9002085, and 9008391. Additional patents are pending.

EyeSeeAMD™ has not yet been cleared for sales in the US or EU.