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EyeArt System Demonstrates High Sensitivity and Specificity Compared with Standardized Grading at Retina 2020 Conference

KOLOA, Hawaii, USA – Jan 22, 2020

An article on Helio.com titled, “Eyenuk’s AI screening program detects referable diabetic retinopathy“, highlighted the Retina 2020 conference presentation by Dr. Michael S. Ip, MD on the excellent sensitivity and specificity demonstrated by EyeArt when compared with standardized grading by the University of Wisconsin Fundus Photography Reading Center.

“The EyeArt AI screening system for DR in this prospective clinical trial had high sensitivity and specificity compared with standardized grading at the University of Wisconsin fundus photograph reading center,”

Michael Ip, MD at Retina 2020 Conference

Read the full article on Helio.com

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