EyeArt® Customer Success Featured in diatec journal Interview with Professor Dr. Thomas Haak

February 11, 2021 – Professor Dr. Thomas Haak, Chief Physician of the Diabetes Center Bad Mergentheim (Bad Mergentheim, Germany) pioneered implementation of the EyeArt artificial intelligence (AI) technology in Germany and has achieved great clinical success.  Since its adoption of the EyeArt system in 2018, the Diabetes Center has screened approximately 3,000 patients onsite with a diabetic retinopathy detection result for 95% of patients screened. These excellent results without dilation are difficult for many professional eyecare clinics to achieve.

Prof. Haak’s success caught the attention of the diatec journal, a digitization and diabetes technology publication of Medical Tribune in Germany.  Recently diatec journal interviewed Professor Haak and published the article “Digitalization is the only way to keep up in the Future!” In this interview, Prof. Haak discusses how innovation in AI, specifically the EyeArt system, is advancing care for patients with diabetes.

Click here to read the interview in English.
Click here to read the interview in German.

Article courtesy of Medical Tribune

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