Gibraltar Health Authority Adopts EyeArt System for National Diabetic Eye Screening Program

November 30, 2020 – Gibraltar Health Authority, the provider of primary, secondary, and mental health to the citizens of Gibraltar recently adopted the EyeArt autonomous AI system for diabetic eye screening at St. Bernard’s Hospital. Under the leadership of Magdalena Popiela, Consultant Ophthalmologist, and Isabella Crisp, Head Hospital Optometrist, the program aims to screen all the country’s diabetic population on an annual basis.  “The EyeArt system enables us to conduct fast and accurate diabetic eye screening for all our patients, allowing our clinical team to focus on treatment, education, and psychological support. We also aim to merge the diabetic retinopathy screening with nurse led general diabetic screening. EyeArt has enabled us to develop the screening service in a way to provide a one-stop comprehensive diabetic check-up and reduce hospital attendances for our diabetic patients.” said Dr. Popiela.

Learn more about the EyeArt system here.

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