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Eyenuk, Inc.


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ISO 13485:2016 Certified

Eyenuk's quality management system has been independently audited to be compliant with ISO 13485:2016



Eyenuk's quality management system has been successfully audited under the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) and is compliant with regulations of US, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.



FDA Clearance

Eyenuk's EyeArt® is the first US FDA cleared AI technology for autonomous detection of both more than mild and vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy.


CE Marking

Eyenuk's EyeArt® AI Eye Screening System for Diabetic Retinopathy has CE marking and is approved for sale in the EU as a Class IIb medical device.


Health Canada License

Eyenuk's EyeArt® AI Eye Screening System for Diabetic Retinopathy has Health Canada license as a Class 2 medical device.


Other Regions

EyeArt is approved for sales is several other global markets and regions. Please contact us to know if EyeArt is approved for sale in your country.


Other Products

EyeMark™, EyeApp™, EyeSeeAMD™, and EyeSeeGlaucoma™ are under active development and have not yet been cleared for sales in any region.


FCOI Policy

You can download Eyenuk's Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Research from this link.


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HIPAA Compliant

Eyenuk has been independently audited by A-Lign to be compliant with HIPAA privacy and security controls.


GDPR Compliant

Eyenuk is GDPR compliant. For any cybersecurity or privacy related questions or concerns, please contact: securityofficer@eyenuk.com

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