Retinal Cameras

Eyenuk offers retinal cameras compatible with
the EyeArt® AI System and the EyeScreen™ Human+AI Service

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Canon Mobile Teleretinal Solution

Featuring the Canon CR-2 AF / CR-2 PLUS AF Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Integrated with the EyeArt AI system, the Canon mobile teleretinal solution is ideal for use in primary care clinics to enable high-volume screening of diabetic patients. Canon non-mydriatic, high-resolution retinal camera systems can be made transportable to conduct mobile, teleretinal, non-dilated eye screenings to support telehealth wellness programs at off-site, remote locations. The camera system, including laptop computer and image management software, can be transported using a customized rolling travel case equipped with top and side carry handles and wheels.

  • Integrated workflow with the EyeArt AI system and the EyeScreen Human+AI Service
  • Auto functionality with auto-focus / capture / exposure
  • Dedicated, high-resolution Canon EOS digital camera (24 megapixels or higher)
  • Undilated imaging possible for vast majority (pupil size down to 3.3 mm)
  • Custom Hard-shell Travel Case designed to transport Canon retinal non-mydriatic camera and laptop

Optomed Aurora IQ Handheld Fundus Camera

Only available in the United States and Canada

Compatible with the EyeScreen Human+AI Diagnostic service, the Optomed Aurora portable fundus camera provides ultimate portability enabling efficient non-mydriatic retinal imaging anywhere.

The camera is made for examination and documentation of the retina and anterior of the eye and includes a new High Contrast optical design that helps to detect small early phase retinal changes. A 50-degree field-of-view combined with non-mydriatic operation allows a detailed examination in various use cases. The ease of use is further increased by autofocus and autoexposure functions.