Human Grading and Artificial Intelligence in Harmony

Combines independent human specialist grading and AI assessment
to optimize detection of diabetic retinopathy

EyeScreen Human+AI Diagnostic Service

Eyenuk’s EyeScreen™ Human+AI Diagnostic Service for diabetic retinopathy (DR) combines independent human specialist grading and artificial intelligence assessment to optimize detection of diabetic retinopathy.

EyeScreen's combination of highly accurate artificial intelligence disease detection with the accepted practice of human grading allows users to benefit from the best of both worlds, offering the opportunity to improve patient compliance and HEDIS measures / CMS Five-Star quality ratings while allowing reimbursement through existing CPT codes.


Easy to use. Detailed screening report.

The EyeScreen Human+AI Diagnostic Service provides an actionable, easy to read, ICD 10 compliant report, allowing seamless documentation of the patient visit. With EyeScreen you can offer DR screening in your clinic to improve patient outcomes and reduce incidence of DR releated vision loss.

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EyeScreen Service can be seamlessly integrated with your clinical workflow to enable DR screening.

Human Grading and Artificial Intelligence in Harmony

EyeScreen Service uses both a validated AI system and specialist human graders to assess retinal images. After these images are independently assessed by both the AI disease detection software and human graders separately, an ICD10 compliant report is sent to the physician. In the event that the AI and human graders disagree, the images are adjudicated by a highly experienced human expert.

Human specialist graders also report other incidental findings from retinal images, including signs of other vision threatening diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

High Sensitivity & Specificity ⇒ Better Safety and Better Outcomes

Combining the high accuracy of AI disease detection with the accepted practice of human grading, EyeScreen is designed to improve the overall safety of the system in contrast to other teleretinal screening services that only use human grading.

High Sensitivity = Safety | High Specificity = Effectiveness

Can help ensure patients with silently progressing DR are identified in time for referral to an eyecare specialist while reducing unnecessary referrals. Can help focus on those patients with greatest need for care.

EyeScreen is powered by validated AI*, which has demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity in the real world. Read the study on 100K patients here.

Bhaskaranand. “The Value of Automated Diabetic Retinopathy Screening with the EyeArt System: A Study of More Than 100,000 Consecutive Encounters from People with Diabetes.” Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, July 23, 2019.

*The validated AI is different from the EyeArt version available for sale in the US

Actionable reporting

EyeScreen provides an actionable, easy to read, ICD 10 compliant report, allowing seamless documentation of
the patient visit. The report provides eye level and patient level diabetic retinopathy outputs and also indicate severity of DR and presence or absence of macular edema.

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Technology behind EyeScreen

Unique Spell-check AI Technology

Extensively validated "spell-check" AI technology creates harmony between human and AI grades for diabetic retinopathy detection.

Ultra-Secure Patient Data

EyeScreen service's HIPAA compliant encrypted data storage and communication ensures that your data remains secure and private, always.

* Products were supported by Award numbers R44EB013585, R42TR000377, R44TR000377, R43EY024848, R43EY025984, SB1EY027241, and R43EY028081 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The content is solely the responsibility of Eyenuk, Inc. and does not necessarily represent the official views of NIH.

** The devices are covered by one or more of the following US patents and their foreign counterparts: 8879813, 8885901, 9002085, and 9008391. Additional patents are pending.

EyeArt has US FDA clearance and Health Canada license for the autonomous detection of DR. It has CE marking as a class IIb medical device in the European Union, under EU MDR for the autonomous detection of DR, AMD, and glaucomatous optic nerve damage.

EyeMark™, EyeReadUWF™ have not yet been cleared for sales in any region.

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