EyeArt helps German Diabetes Clinic Increase DR Screening From Zero to Thousands

Since October 2018, the Diabetes Center Mergentheim in Bad Mergentheim, Germany has been offering diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening to their patients living with diabetes using the EyeArt® AI Eye Screening System.  They treat approximately 4000 patients with diabetes each year. Using a non-mydriatic fundus camera, the on-site staff can readily image the patient’s eyes without dilation, submit the images to EyeArt, and generate the screening report PDF within 60 seconds. In cases where image quality is insufficient for interpretation by EyeArt, an ungradable result is immediately sent back, allowing the clinic to re-image the patient’s eyes as needed and submit the new images to EyeArt.

“EyeArt AI Eye Screening System is helping us improve diabetic patient care. We can now offer eye screening right in our clinic, without dilation, while reducing wait time for screening and results. The accuracy and convenience of the EyeArt system is allowing us to identify and treat DR effectively and quickly.”

– Prof. Dr. Med. Thomas Haak

“Until now, we’ve had to encourage our patients to see an ophthalmologist for annual diabetic retinopathy screening,” said Professor Dr. med. Thomas Haak, medical director Diabetes Center Bad Mergentheim. “However, because the disease shows no symptoms until it’s nearly too late, many are putting off that screening visit. Now with the EyeArt system deployed in our clinic, we can directly screen our diabetes patients on-site for this blinding disease, and possibly save the vision of many who otherwise would have gone undetected.”

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Watch Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Haak’s video interview about the use of EyeArt in their Diabetes Clinic.

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