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Existing EyeArt or EyeScreen users

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How to get support online?

Following applies only to existing users of EyeArt or EyeScreen Service.

To set/reset your password, look up your license key, watch tutorial videos, view photography or user manuals, or to get additional support on EyeArt or EyeScreen client software, go to the Eyenuk Web Portal as indicated below:

  • Open the Client Software installed on your Windows PC
  • Click on Help > Open Web Portal
  • The Eyenuk Web Portal will open in your browser
  • Login to the portal using your credentials (email address and password used during signup)
  • You can now perform the different functions listed above on the Dashboard
  • For additional support go to the Support tab at the top of the Dashboard

If you cannot get to the Eyenuk Web Portal, or have difficulty performing any of the above actions, or could not find the answer to what you were looking for, please contact Eyenuk support using the above form.